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Dairy Times: June 2020 – July 2020

Dairy Times: September 2018 – October 2018

Milk Flow – Producer to Consumers

Milk Flow

Share of milk in food expenditure

Share of milk in food expenditure

Dairy Development in Maharashtra

Gross value of livestock products at current prices during 1999-2000 in Maharashtra was 11744 crore – Accounted for 34.7% of gross value of total GDP from agriculture sector

AH sector contributed 8% of the state GDP as against 6% at National level

Dairy alone accounts for 66.4% of the total value of livestock sector in 1998-99

Self-employment to approximately 1.5 million out of 3.88 million unemployed in the State is envisaged through Dairy during IX Five Year Plan

Annual output of milk in the State – 5.705 million metric tonnes

Per capita availability – 166 grams per person per day as against 200 grams per capita availability at national level

X Plan envisages achievement in milk production to 6.910 million metric tonnes and per capita availability of 178 grams per person per day at the end of X Five Year Plan

Maharashtra Rajya Sahakari Dugdh Mahasang Maryadit (MRSDMM) spearheads Dairy Development in the State through co-operatives.

The Federation has 64 member unions in 23 districts with a networks of 18000 milk societies and 20 lakh registered members of which 25000 are women members.

Organised milk procurement through Government and co-operative sector is 45 lakh litres per day out of 156.0 lakh litre/ day milk production

Processing Infrastructure

Strong with 123 chilling plants – 19.85 lakh litre per day (LLPD) installed capacity

100 processing dairies – 57.85 LLPD installed capacity

8 Milk powder plants – 86.0 LLPD installed capacity

Animal Husbandry Department provides animal health care, breeding facilities and extension services Infrastructure

1209 Veterinary Dispensaries
2073 Vety. First Aid Centres
61 Mobile Veterinary Clinic
49 Regional A.I.Centres
670 Artificial Insemination sub-centres
48 Key village schemes
468 Key Village Sub-centres and
1627 Veterinary Graduate centres etc.

Maharashtra State is among the few states having a veterinary university for Animal Sciences and Fisheries exclusively with veterinary colleges and Dairy Science Colleges at different campuses in different regions of the State

Opportunities for Dairy Industry

India is the world’s largest milk producer
Growing and expanding sector.
Being an FMCG sector, the impact of recession, if any, is negligible
By 2021-22 demand for milk go to 180 MMT
Milk is the largest contributor to Agriculture GDP – It was more than Rs. 1,15,000 crores in 2004-2005
By 2011 the organised industry’s share of total milk handling will go up to 30 percent.
This is the Sunrise Industry

Job opportunities for Dairy Professionals

Career in Dairy Processing
Scope in Equipment manufacturing industry
Teaching and research
Food & Confectionary Companies
International Marketing
Commercial and Rural Banking
Pharmaceutical sector, especially for health powders and health drinks.
IT Sector

Career in Dairy Processing

There are over 1500 dairy plants in the country making various milk products. They are looking for good, quality and well-trained personnel to run the plants efficiently and profitably. A dairy technologist is now involved in all the operations till the product reaches the consumer. In addition to technical competence, he should have supervisory skill and business acumen.


A technologist starting his enterprise has good and bright prospects. Small-scale milk plants, creamery, indigenous products unit or ice-cream units are not difficult to set up and do not need big capital investment. Government agencies and banks encourage such technologists and have various schemes to finance their projects. Dairy technologists make successful entrepreneurs ,

Chief Editor: Dr. J.V.Parekh