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Know the financial viability of your project before investing a penny in the dairy business. Our report focuses not just
on the viability aspect of your project, but also throws deep insights in to problem areas and solutions in the long term benefits for your business.

Our feasibility report covers the following:

FEASEBILITY-REPORT– Critical Analysis of supply chain and identifying the best procurement sources in terms of quantity, location and process.

– Ascertain and evaluate the plant and machinery requirements, packaging, transportation and monitoring and managing wastage etc.

– Equipment planning including costs .

– Building layout planning in line with the process flow.

 Layout planning for civil infrastructure facilities viz. administration office, restrooms for staff, security rooms etc.

 Planning for Utilities- Power, Water, Generators, Air Conditioning and more.

 Designing the organizational structure and manpower requirement, including the implementation schedule SWOT Analysis.

 Ascertaining the financial viability of the project- Cost assessment, income generation, fund flow, profitability of the project.