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Before venturing into the dairy business, PTCS gives a clear idea about the market potential, the gap in the demand and supply, the existing capacities, evaluation of competitors and more. This study will give an insight to the clients to make an informed decision.

Our Market study will cover the following aspects:

Market Study> Analysis of current demand and future trends for value added dairy products in India.

> Detailed study of dairy sector including the existing manufacturers, their current capacities, future expansion plans, market share as regards to the said products.

> Providing an in-depth review of the demand, supply and the gap in the demand supply over the next 10 years.

> Ascertain the ideal product mix as well as the capacities.

> Product wise contribution analysis (Cost of Sales vis a vis manufacturing cost).

> Ascertain techno feasibility of the project encompassing the technical/engineering aspects of the plant, layout, drawings, tentative requirement, man power requirement, detailed tender specifications and tender document along with the cost estimates.

> Ascertain technical viability of the project, total cost of the project including working capital needs.

> Design most viable financial plan and work out the project profitability over the next 10 years.

> Work out key financial indicators such as return on investment, internal rate of returns, debt service coverage ratio etc.

> Critical SWOT analysis to ascertain the risk, threats and weaknesses for sustained success of the project.