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PTCS was formed with an aim of providing a one stop solution for aspiring dairy businesses and help businesses enhance their productivity and profitability.

PTCS’s bouquet of service includes the following:

Technical Consultancy for Dairy Farming

> Assist in selection of good breed animals.
> Planning the feeding, breeding and management of dairy farm.
> Providing the animal feed formula for getting optimal yield at minimal cost.
> Assist in building layout, animal sheds, godown, milking parlour, etc.
> Help in getting technically advanced equipment and installation of the same.
> Assist in Raw material procurement for the cattle feed plant.
> Commissioning of the project and ensuring seamless working of the project.
> Selection and training of manpower.


Technical Consultancy for Dairy & Food Processing

3rdPreparation of detailed project report.
Preparing the blueprint for factory building layout, utilities layout & necessary drawing required by the Architect.
Assisting in getting the best plant and machinery from India and abroad and helping with their installation.
Set up state of the art laboratory for necessary quality control and imparting knowledge of the quality check methods for raw materials and finished products.
Give essential specifications for all the inputs and raw materials needed for the project.
Offer the latest technical know-how and formulation for the milk & milk products.
Assist in selecting the right packing material for milk based products.
Assist in critical areas such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Quality Assurance (QA), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), to meet Sanitary & Phyto Sanitary (SPS) standards.
Guide in obtaining the ISO 22000 certification for the plant.
Recruit and train technical manpower for the project.
Commission the project in record time and ensure its smooth functioning before handing it over to the client.